The story behind making of boyanese bags was rising after we travelled to
bawean island in east java. Many beauty nature and culture are found there.
Sadly, it has not been explored yet. same as Indonesian local handwoven
fabric. In fact, It have many potentials as well as Batik textile. So we
named our products “Boyanese” which means local people of Bawean Island.
It’s represent highly spirit, trust, strenght, and hard worker principles
of them.

Design and Style
We combined casual and ethnic looks in one. Our simply designed bag always
have a pieces of indonesia handwoven fabric as it’s ornament. Not only
stylish, we also make our products useful for daily activities or

we want to make Indonesia handwoven fabric keep sustain and also bring
Indonesia bags to overseas.

Walking With Culture
It’s not just a bag. But its also be a campaign media to know, love and
proud of Indonesia handwoven fabric. We bought that fabric from weaving
village around indonesia. In that way, handwoven fabric will sustainable.
Until it transform into bag that you wear every day in big city. Its become
our Tagline, “Walking With Culture”. So, come on, Join us on #saveourtenun
to keep tenun sustainable.

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